Tri Services Membership


All members are required to redo a new membership form from 1st January 2023

This is to facilitate our new I.T system

Our new system is designed to allow Staff to have various information on a secure system, such as attendance records, I.C.E information should someone become ill, in accordance with the charities constitutional requirements and voting, welfare, and a lot more.

The membership form is filled out by a member of staff in your presence, it takes about 10 minutes.

You will also be asked for a signature for GDPR compliance (this is a digital signature).

New members must attend three times before membership is offered.


Please note for voting eligibility

You must be a full member (Veterans only)

Attend Tri Services and Veterans Support Centre at least 12 times a year.



You have the right to ask about what data we hold about you, if your information changes we will update but will require you to resign for compliance.

You have the option on membership to also have your image taken (voluntary) this image and some details in a crisis can be passed onto the Police to help them if required.

In a medical emergency, details of any medical information you voluntarily suppled may be passed onto emergency services and Next of Kin informed, or a First Aider on site.

These are the only situation any information is shared outside of the organisation.

There are many rules under GDPR, and you can ask to see a full copy onsite of our policy, we are fully compliant. Our new system which holds this information is very secure and only various authorised staff have access to it.

Tri Services Veteran Support Centre

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