Come to Veterans Bushcraft, learn new skills, enjoy the fresh air, good company and a brew. 

This week you can learn to make your own kindling using an axe and knife and learn to make a fire the Bushcraft way. 

Each month you will learn a different phase of Bushcraft and at the end of that month a visit to Abbots Bromley Woods to use your new skill.

So many skills to learn, from making fires, whittling a spoon or mallet, cordage, bow making, bread making and much more.

There is also the Woman’s wellness that is open to veterans and ladies of the local community.

Woman’s Wellness in Bushcraft takes place on a Wednesday from 5pm.

Veteran’s Bushcraft Thursday’s 11am – 3pm

Takes place at the

Veteran’s Retreat

Sands Road

Mow Cop






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